Reiji Hiramatsu
biography works Monet's waterlillies Museum Book
1941 born in Tokyo
1960 work was first selected for the Seiryu-sha Exhibition(a group to promote Nihonga-Japanese painting-founded in 1929 and disbanded 1966)
1961 graduates from The Nihonga course of the art department of the Asahigaoka High School in Nagoya
1965 graduates from Aichi University
1977 wins the Prize of the "Soga-kai" group
1979 wins Grand Prize Chunichi news paper
1980 wins Excellence Award in the 2nd Tokyo Central Museum of Art Nihonga Grand Prix Exhibition
1983 solo exhibition at Tokyo Central Painting Gallery
1984 joins in the forming of the "Yoko-no-kai" Nihonga painters group exhibition
1986 solo exhibition at Yurakucho Art Forum
1988 receives the 1st "Okada Mokichi Prize" of MOA Museum
1989 wins the Grand Prize of "Nihonga Today" exhibition of Yamatane Museum
1994 solo exhibition at JAL Gallery in Paris
1996 solo exhibition at Kaohsing Museum and Taipei City Museum in Taiwan
1999 solo exhibition "Impressionism,a journey to Japonism" at Takashimaya Gallery
2000 starts creation of cover painting for monhly magazine Bungei-Shunjyu(~2010)
2002 solo exhibition "Water Lillies.Japonism Ⅱ" at Shiraishi Gallery
2004 awarded the 57th Chunichi Cultural Prize
2006 appointed rector of Ryoutokuji University(~2008)
Hiramatsu Reiji Gallery inaugurated in Yugawara City Museum
2011 solo exhibition "The 50 year career of painter Reiji Hiramatsu" at Nagoya City Museum
2013 "Hiramatsu,The Lily Pond Homage to Monet" at Giverny Museum of Impressionism,France
2014 "Hiramatsu Reiji Water lillies-Homage to Monet" at National Asian Museum in Berlin,Germany
2015 participates in Special Exhibition commemorating the 300th anniversary of Kolin's passing,"Irises & Red and White Plum Blossoms~Kolin's Art/Kolin & Japanese Modern Art" held at MOA Museum"
"Exhibition presenting artworks of Hiramatsu Reiji and Moriguchi Kunihiko" MOA Museum
Tokyo・Paris・Normandy Reiji Hiramatsu Exhibition-visit the home of Japonism. (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store,Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi)
2016 “Resonance of light and color” Reiji Hiramatsu Exhibition-collection from Narukawa Art Museum in Ashinoko Hakone.(Tenshin Memorial Museum of art,Ibaraki Prefecture)
appointed guest professor at Fuculty of Intrnational Liberal Arts of Juntendo University
publishes “Monet and Japonism” (PHP Institute,Inc.)
2017 Completes mural for Global Convention Hall in Nagoya school house of Aichi university.
“Japonism, attracts the world” Narukawa Art Museum in Ashinoko Hakone.
“Hiramatsu Reiji Modern Rinpa Exhibition” (Yugawara Art Museum)
appointed professor emeritus at Aichi University
“From Nihonga to world Painting”-70th anniversary of foundation of Aichi University (Memorial Hall of Aichi University in Toyohashi Campus of Aichi University)
2018 “Hiramatsu Reiji Modern Rinpa” (Kintetsu Department Store,Main Store Abeno Harukas)
“Hiramatsu Reiji in GIvery” (Museum of Impressionism in Giverny)
“Monet’s Legacy” (Nagoya City Art Museum,Yokohama Museum of Art)

  Presently:Director of Japan Artists Assosiations,Inc.
Councillor of The Japan Association for the Promotion of Art
Guest professor of Faculty International Liberal Arts,Juntendo University
Honorary director of Yugawara Art Museum
Honorary doctorate received from Aichi University