Reiji Hiramatsu

Last year-2013,the exhibition "Hiramatsu, The Lily Pond – Homage to Monet" was held at Giverny Museum of Impressionism in France,from 13th July to October 31st.
Visitors for this exhibition reached almost 74,000. and this numbers marked new record since their opening.Giverny Museum of Impressionism purchased 27 Nihonga works including five six-folded screens and many of drawings ,esquisse by Hiramatsu on this occasion.

This year,these Hiramatsu collection will be exhibited at Museum of Asian Art in Berlin. This exhibition will be sponsored by Museum of Asian Art in Berlin and Japanese Embassy in Germany.
Lately,Berlin has been paid attention from the world by their art and cultural situation .This exhibition will also be as big topic in art world as Giverny exhibition.