Reiji Hiramatsu

Large scale of exhibitions focused on Japonism will be held at Museum of Impressionisms in Giverny where Claude Monet spend last time of his life. Following three exhibitions will be held in 2018.

・Japonism/Impressionism (From Monet to Van Gogh-120 paintings and prints will be exhibited) 2018/3/30~7/15
・Henri-Edmond Cross:portray the happiness 2018/7/21~11/4
・Hiramatsu Reiji in Giverny(8 works will be exhibited includes 2 folding screens) 2018/3/30~11/4 (some works will be changed in term of exhibition)

Works by HIramatsu Reiji-Nihonga(Japanese traditional painting) will be exhibited in one exhibition room on this exhibition.
As a contemporary successor of Japonism which gave a big influence to painters of impressionism, Hiramatsu Reiji’s works will be exhibited together with many artist’s work such as Monet,Van Gogh,Sisley,Bonnard. Please enjoy the world of resonance of French and Japanese sensitivity.

Hiramatsu Reiji in Giverny

In 1994,Hiramatsu Reiji,a Japanese contemporary artist ,born in 1941,came across water lily paintings by Claude Monet at Orangerie Museum and then visited Monet’s garden in Giverny. Scenery of water and it’s reflections he saw in Giverny became one of his favorite motif from that moment. “I was so much impressed when I came across with large scale Monet’s painting of water lilies. And this impression forced me to eager research of Japonism from the viewpoint of painter of Japanese traditional painting. Normandy was a dreamland for me because I love flowers. I often traced Seine river toward the sea. Purpose of this trip were to seek for things involve Jponism and also, to observe light of reflections of water on Monet’s lily pond. I tried to comprehend Monet’s thoughts who was attracted by Japonism and his attitudes for things. I draw water lilies-Monet loved-freely with a sense of fun. ”
6 paintings Monet’s influences are remarkably seen and 2 folding screens will be exhibited with materials of Japanese traditional painting.