Reiji Hiramatsu

On the invitation of Giverny Museum of Impressionism,France,this collaborative exhibition entitled "Hiramatsu The Lily Pond-A Homage to Monet" also features works by Monet and Ukiyoe collected by Monet from 13th July to 31st of October 2013.Almost of the Hiramatsu's works on display were purchased by Giverny Muesum of Impressionism.Number of visitors for the exhibition reached 73,922 and marked a record for the Muesum since their opening.
Ms.Silvie Patin,conservator general of Orsay Museum,commented that "Hiramatsu is a painter who shows us a new world-one that fuses a traditional Japanese sense of beauty with viewpoint of Monet." This comment means art world of Hiramatsu have attained worldwide renown.
This exhibition will tour to Museum of Asian Art in Berlin,Germany, from 12th June to 31st August 2014.Based on a result of these exhibitions,Hiramatsu's works arouse interest in European art collectors.

On 15th September 2013, 45 minutes special edition titled "Circulating life of water lilies in garden-Reiji Hiramatsu-Dialogue with Monet" broadcasted in the program of "New Sunday Museum" by Japan Broadcasting Company.
This program shows exhibition scene in Giverny and also process of creation for pair of 6 folded screens which shows water lilies-which roots were separated and presented to HIramatsu from Foundation Claude Monet as a symbol of friendship between them- in his Karuizawa studio garden.